Script-criticism and consulting

I have been a script-critic and consultant since I gave Laurence Olivier Lifetime Achievement Award-winner and Cameron Mackintosh Professor of Contemporary Theatre Michael Codron my honest (and lengthy) opinion at a show opening… and found myself promptly offered a job.

I specialise in big-budget shows and musicals for the West End and Broadway, including projects that are still in development.  Although I do take on projects for individual writers and creative teams, I mostly work directly with major producers who want a thumbs up or down on new shows, revised scripts/music, or whether a show is likely to make a successful transition between Broadway and the West End (or vice versa).

If you’d like to find about my fees and availability, please feel free to contact me at or via a comment on any page of this site. Please note that I never guarantee to put clients in touch with producers or other contacts. However, if I do come across a terrific project, there’s always the chance that I’ll offer.


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