News: YAShot

It’s been a while since I posted. A long while.

In March 2015, everything was going along as normal then one day I had a nice chat with Hillingdon Libraries about doing an event with a few YA authors…

…. and suddenly I was organising an Arts Council-funded festival for over 70 authors with a whole raft of outreach events for local schools and libraries.

Four years later, we’ve done three festivals, outreach programmes around the country, and have just submitted an application for new Arts Council funding for our new direction.

We’re also gearing up for the #AuthorHandbook project… and various other things.

It’s been a very busy four years indeed! For more on all this, head over to and find us on Twitter @YAShotMediaTeam.

We’ve also run the UK YA Blogger & Vlogger Awards since 2016, so it’s been extra busy and fun. This year I chaired the judging panel and the Awards Ceremony was hosted by the lovely folks of YALC @ LFCC.

I’m hoping to post here again now and then, or at least update more regularly, but if you’re wondering what I’m up to it’ll all be over at YAShot and UKYABA… and eventually when we launch there in late 2020.

I am still writing and have three books on submission, two I’m doing final edits on, and a different creative thing about to go on sub too… Plus I’ve been pitching an exciting new consultancy this year so am hoping to have news around January 2020 after a soft launch to private clients…


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